Handing me the neurological report from 1996, she commented,“The doctors all say, ‘Posterior cortical atrophy of the left hemisphere, very atypical,’ and then they smile apologetically—but there’s nothing they can do.” The Mind’s Eye JANUARY 15, 2006 On Blindness is an exchange of letters between the blind philosopher Martin Milligan and a sighted philosopher, Bryan Magee. While his own nonvisual world seems coherent and complete to him, Milligan realizes that sighted people have access to a sense, a mode of knowledge, denied him. But congenitally blind people, he insists, can (and usually do) have rich and varied perceptual experiences, mediated by language and by imagery of a nonvisual sort. Thus they may have a“mind’s ear” or a “mind’s nose.” But do they have a mind’s eye?

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