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“It’s a melanoma,” he confirmed, but immediately went on to say that ocular melanomas rarely metastasized—there was little chance of any spread beyond the eye. Nevertheless, one could not allow it to persist and grow, untreated, in the eye. Until fairly recently, the recommended procedure was removing the entire eye (he himself had done a thousand such enucleations over the years) but now, it was felt, radiation could be just as effective, allowing one to keep the eye and its remaining vision. Dr. Abramson had barely got this out before I asked how soon this radiation could be done: tomorrow? He said there would be a three-week delay—the Christmas and New Year’s holidays were coming up—but there would be no significant growth of the tumor in this time, he reassured me; these things tended to be very slow-growing. It would take some time to fashion the radioactive plaque itself, tailoring it to focus the radiation precisely on the tumor. Then the plaque would be attached to the side of my eye, which would require disconnecting one of the eye muscles. In a second operation a few days later, the plaque would be removed and the muscle reconnected. amoxil tablets Rebetol where to buy dapoxetine

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