23extensive report: Institute of Medicine,Crisis Standards of Care, 2012, volume 6, pp. 347463.more than an accurate estimate: Altevogt, et al,Guidance for Establishing Crisis Standards, 2009. Baumle, A. K., 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 THE SAME DAY, the Medicaid Fraud Control Units chief prosecutor received a fax from Tenet attorney Harry Rosenberg. He requested that before questioning Tenet employees, government officials inform them that they had the right to confer with him or another Tenet attorney and have an attorney or a hospital representative present. Virginia Rider and Butch Schafer complied. Ethics required this. They also wanted to ensure the information they obtained would be admissible in court. At the same time Schafer saw how strategic it was for Tenet to offer to represent its employees. What company, facing potential lawsuits, wouldnt want to know what its workers had to say about it? [: i_007.jpg] After that weekend, I took three more consecutive days off work. That was a lot for anyone, but especially for a newbie reporter. Even when thePost kept me out past 4:00 a.m. working on Meatpacking District club stories, I always made it to the office right on time a few hours later. I never took sick days.



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