Buy Cephalexin now and get great discounts! No prescription needed. Zovirax Eisenhower’s cholesterol hit 259 just six days after University of Minnesota physiologist Ancel Keys made the cover ofTime magazine, championing precisely the kind of supposedly heart-healthy diet on which Eisenhower had been losing his battle with cholesterol for five years. It was two weeks later that the American Heart Association—prompted by Keys’s force of will—published its first official endorsement of low-fat, low-cholesterol diets as a means to prevent heart disease. Only on such a diet, Keys insisted, could we lower our cholesterol and our weight and forestall a premature death. “People should know the facts,” Keys toldTime.“Then if they want to eat themselves to death, let them.” 5. Fruit, if unsweetened or sweetened with saccharin, except bananas and grapes

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