What the reporters really wanted to know, Pou refused to share. She would not say whether she had injected patients or what her motivation might have been. Her defense team raised the ongoing civil cases like a shield against the questions. Besides, another grand jury could always reconsider murder charges. It was unclear whether Pou would ever tell the world exactly what she had done and why. That asexual characters seem to be of a“type” or routinely have certain characteristics—such as the asexual “man-child” (Gilligan), the intellectual nerd (Sheldon), the asexual prig (the librarian)—may speak to our expectations of how asexuality often manifests itself in people in the real world, even if these expectations are often distorted stereotypes. I typed“NDMA” into the search field. An industrial waste product? “What is it again?” I called. 5. Gradually the peripheral vision in my right eye got worse, as a cataract developed in reaction to the radiation treatment. With this, what little stereopsis I had diminished. When I had the cataract removed in the spring of 2009, I had a sudden resurgence of peripheral vision and stereopsis. Everything looked, with my right eye, brigher and bluer, and when I went to the orchid show at the botanical garden the next day, I not only saw colors with a startling brilliance and freshness, but I could see flowers thrusting towards me in the bottom of my visual field. I rejoiced in this, but did not realize how short-lived my return to (at least partial) stereo would be.

January 10th