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FAQs – Vendors




Q. How much are tables?

A. Eight foot tables are $50 each for reptile related vendors. $45 each if paid in advance. Crafter and Artist tables are $75. Food and other Professional businesses please call to discuss.

Q. What are set-up times?

A. Set-up is 6:00 am till 9:00 am the Saturday morning of the show. Show hours are 9:00 to 3:00. All Vendors MUST be out of the building by 6:00 PM.

Q. Is this a Venomous Expo?

A. No! This is a Non Venomous Expo.

Q. Where do I enter the Printscape Arena (formerly IceoPlex)?

A. You will enter the Printscape Arena (formerly IceoPlex) through the large garage door at the rear of the Printscape Arena. Helpers will be available with 6ft flatbed carts to assist you.

Q. Is electric available?

A. Yes. Electric is available at no charge. Please bring your own extension cords.

Q. May I participate in the free seminars?

A. Yes! You are encouraged to give a short 15 minute presentation on any animal you are knowledgeable about. Please coordinate with Tom

Q. Is a hotel nearby?

A. Yes. There is a clean Super 8 Motel at 8 Curry Avenue, Canonsburg, PA 15317 less than two miles away.