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Summary The answer may have to do with the kin of gay people. If a gay gene confers some kind of reproductive advantage when expressed in the relatives of gay people, then the gay gene could survive, even flourish, throughout evolutionary history. Recently, researchers have found evidence that gay men have female relatives who are especially fecund, tending to have a lot of children (Iemmola& Camperio-Ciani, 2009). Aha! So, even though gay men dont breed like their heterosexual male counterparts do, their sisters may do so, and at a high rate relative to the sisters of heterosexual men, thus compensating for any loss to the gene pool from gay men. This suggests that there is indeed a gay gene (or genes) conferring some type of reproductive advantage in the female relatives of gay men. Some researchers have speculated that it may be a man-loving gene, which, when found in men, makes them gay, but which, when found in women, makes them particularly likely to be attracted to (and thus form heterosexual relationships with) men, leading to lots of offspring and hence lots of gay (or man-loving) genes. Even if there is a no man-loving gene making sisters reproduce more, a gay gene may still be of some advantage to an individual who carries this gene if it is associated with helping relatives children survive and reproduce. So, for example, a gay man may help raise his sisters or brothers children, and thus his genes are replicated through helping kin, even if his genes arent replicated sexually. Interestingly, there is some evidence for this mechanism in Samoan men with same-sex attraction,a group called theFaafafine (Vasey& VanderLaan, 2010). Samoan society is of some importance because it is likely closer than modern Western societies to the social and family relations that would have occurred when humans evolved. For a moment, Gershanik considered the larger reality, the competing priorities that had emerged as waters suffocated an entire city. He was only doing what is ingrained in a doctoradvocating for his own patientsbut now he saw that the struggle to save lives extended far beyond the two critically ill neonates in the helicopter, or Memorials entire population of sick babies, or even the whole hospital, much as it had seemed like the universe when he was back there. Heused the delay to switch oxygen tanks with some difficulty. He apologized for his impatience. or metabolic imbalances; dehydration or lack of sleep. In such cases, insight will return as soon as cerebral function returns to normal. But if there is an ongoing dementia, like Alzheimers

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FAQs – Visitors




Q. Can I hold animals at the Expo?

A. Yes! We feature a FREE reptile petting zoo if you really want to get some hands on time with reptiles. Individual Vendors will allow you to handle animals on a case by case basis. Just ask! Always use hand sanitizer before and after handing animals.

Q. Are there venomous reptiles at the Expo?

A. No. The Steel City Reptile Expo is a Non Venomous Expo.

Q. Is handicapped access available?

A. Yes. Persons with disabilities may enter the Expo through a large door at the rear of the IceoPlex. Please contact Tom through the contact us page to make arrangements.

Q. May I bring/sell my reptile to the Expo?

A. Yes. Guests are permitted to bring their personal pets. Just be sure to have an appropriate container to carry them in.

Q. Is group pricing available?

A. We are working on developing a Group Admission Program for larger groups or organizations. Please contact Tom though the contact us page for more information.

Q. Where do I park if the parking lot is full?

A. Additional Free parking is available at another lot near the IceoPlex. Just follow the signs marked “Additional Parking”. A Free shuttle will be available to shuttle you between your car and the Expo.

Q. What are the Expo hours?

A. The Expo is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.