*114 Synthesis of the enzymes required to convert carbohydrates into fat will also increase and decrease in proportion to the carbohydrate content of the diet. Mrosovsky, N. 1985.“Cyclical Obesity in Hibernators: The Search for the Adjustable Regulator.” In Hirsch and Van Itallie, eds., 1985, 45–56. One of the sickest patients in the ICU was seventy-seven-year-old Helen Breckenridge, a former drapery maker and interior decorator who had been a patient at Memorial for about a week. Breckenridge had developed complications of lung and heart disease and diabetes, and had been in hospice care at another hospital. That meant that the treatments she was receiving had been focused on affording her comfort rather than extending her life. She was receiving morphine and powerful sedatives and, when she stopped eating, perhaps as a result of the sedation or her worsening disease, the hospice had not provided nutrition or fluids. Her brother, a physician at another New Orleans hospital, couldn’t stand to watch her wither away. He believed she had been forced to sign paperwork that led to her hospice admittance and that she didn’t really want to be there. He went to court to have her removed from hospice and transferred to Memorial for aggressive treatment in the ICU. attribution theory, 1

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