I had been working with my assistant, Kate, for about six years when we arranged to rendezvous in a midtown office for a meeting with my publisher. I arrived and announced myself to the receptionist, but failed to note that Kate had already arrived and was sitting in the waiting area. That is, I saw a young woman there, but did not realize it was her. After about five minutes, smiling, she said,“Hello, Oliver. I was wondering how long it would take you to recognize me.” modularity, cortical, ref 1 He would reintroduce his alter ego, the detective Benny Cooperman, but it would be a Cooperman transformed: the great detective, waking in a hospital bed, finds himself not only alexic but amnesic as well. His powers of inference, however, are intact and enable him to stitch together disparate clues, to figure out how he landed in the hospital and what happened in the mysterious few days he can no longer remember. While Anne F. seems to have prosopagnosia and topographical agnosia on a genetic or familial basis, others may develop this (or any other form of agnosia) in consequence of a stroke, a tumor, an infection, or an injury—or, like Dr. P., a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s—that has damaged a particular part of the brain. Joan C., another correspondent, had an unusual history in this regard: she had developed a brain tumor in the right occipital lobe as an infant, and this was removed when she was two years old. It seems likely, though it is difficult to be certain, that her prosopagnosia was the result of either the tumor or the surgery. Her inability to recognize faces has often been misinterpreted by others. She notes, “I’ve been told that I’m rude, or a space cadet, or (according to a psychiatrist) suffering from a psychiatric disorder.”

Party Snakes


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The Reptile Experience

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Ready to book your special event? Call Tom Kelly, Chief Reptile Expert, now to book an appearance 412.418.8194!