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Party Snakes


Ready to book your special event? Call Tom Kelly, Chief Reptile Expert, now to book an appearance 412.418.8194!


Invite Party Snakes to your next event for unforgettable fun! Party Snakes brings hands-on education and entertainment to any function. Allow our expert reptile educators to entertain your party guests while they learn about the natural world. Your child will experience the excitement of getting up close and personal with these fascinating animals in a safe and educational way.

Party Snakes brings over 40 years of reptile experience right to your door.

All of our animals are docile and well-mannered, providing fun for children of all ages.

Relax and join in the fun while Party Snakes handles the entertainment and takes PS_BigImg5professional quality photos of your special day. Your photos will be available for each parent to download directly from our site via a password-protected system. Bring the fun to your next party‚ÄĒbook a Party Snakes appearance today!

The Reptile Experience

We provide a 60 minute reptile theme program that includes an entertaining educational program, followed by interaction time, where your guests will have the opportunity to handle all of our animals. The birthday child will be my special assistant throughout the party helping me introduce the animals and will receive special attention. Total cost is $250 payable in cash or check the day of the party.

Ready to book your special event? Call Tom Kelly, Chief Reptile Expert, now to book an appearance 412.418.8194!