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Ellinwood, Everett, ref 1 Triaging better was not enough for her. For years she had treated children in a public hospital where expensive resources were often in short supply.“God has given you the brain, just use it,” she liked to tell her students. “Just keep on thinking.” When the ventilators ran out during H1N1, she thought and she improvised. In the past, she had helped newborns with premature lungs breathe better with a therapy known as bubble CPAP, for continuous positive airway pressure. CPAP devices cost thousands of dollars, but Kinikar’s staff managed to patch together a homemade version out of a few dollars’ worth of plastic tubing and saline bottles readily available at the hospital. It seemed to work well on premature babies, and she decided, in the midst of the H1N1 crisis, to see what it might do for older babies with flu. “I didn’t know whether people will back me using a technique which doesn’t seem to have much scientific push,” Kinikar told me. The alternative seemed worse to her. “It was a decision between not doinganything and allowing the baby to die as against doing something and maybe keep your fingers crossed and let it work.” spiritual practice,see meditation; religious feeling Pou considered herself harassed by the reporters,“terrorized,” she called it. One day a resident at her hospital summoned her to see a visitor, a woman who claimed to represent a pharmaceutical company. “I don’t think she’s a drug rep,” the resident said.

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Party Snakes


Ready to book your special event? Call Tom Kelly, Chief Reptile Expert, now to book an appearance 412.418.8194!


Invite Party Snakes to your next event for unforgettable fun! Party Snakes brings hands-on education and entertainment to any function. Allow our expert reptile educators to entertain your party guests while they learn about the natural world. Your child will experience the excitement of getting up close and personal with these fascinating animals in a safe and educational way.

Party Snakes brings over 40 years of reptile experience right to your door.

All of our animals are docile and well-mannered, providing fun for children of all ages.

Relax and join in the fun while Party Snakes handles the entertainment and takes professional quality photos of your special day. Your photos will be available for each parent to download directly from our site via a password-protected system. Bring the fun to your next party—book a Party Snakes appearance today!

PS_BigImg5The Reptile Experience

We provide an entertaining educational program, followed by hands-on interaction time with 15-20 animals including snakes, tortoises, frogs, and lizards. You and your guests have the opportunity to handle any of our animals you wish while taking as many photos as you wish. Enjoy this 60 minute party for only $175.

Reptile Theme Party

A complete party package! You receive a reptile goody bag for every child guest.

We provide a reptile theme party that includes an entertaining educational program, followed by interaction time, where your guests will have the opportunity to handle 15-20 animals including snakes, tortoises, frogs, and lizards . We take a professional quality photo of each guest posing with Elmer, our nine foot long Albino Burmese Python. The photos are then available to your and your guests for high resolution download from our password protected website at no additional charge.

This 90 minute party is just $225.

Ready to book your special event? Call Tom Kelly, Chief Reptile Expert, now to book an appearance 412.418.8194!