In the 1960s and 1970s, obesity researchers referred to this supposed effect of taste on food intake and weight as the palatability hypothesis. But these researchers defined palatability on the basis of how much their experimental animals ate. If their rats or mice ate more of one food than another, the researchers assumed that they did so because they liked it better. The problem is that this concept of palatabilityarises mainly from human experience; its existence in animals is an inference, as the physiological psychologist Mark Friedman explained in 1989. In other words, the animals preference for certain foods could have been explained by other factors. It is known that Lewis Carroll had classical migraines, and it has been suggested (by Caro W. Lippman and others) that his migraine experiences may have inspired Alice in Wonderlands The pilots flew to Memorial as instructed and executed a challenging maneuver at night, using a slight tailwind to position the helicopter properly on the helipad. Crew members were again told that there were no critical patients to rescue but that non-patients and staff were anxious to leave and were becoming unmanageable. One member of the flight team took to the radio again to ask what to do next. Back came the word that, according to contacts inside the hospital, the patients were indeed still there awaiting rescue. Newsholme, E. A., and A. R. Leech. 1983.Biochemistry for the Medical Sciences. New York: John Wiley.

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