Symmetrel No RX, FREE Shipping! In the final part of this chapter, I explore peoples reactions to the idea that a certain percentage (e.g., 1 percent) of humanity is, in fact, asexual, including the As if! reaction mentioned earlier. In those years, I had to take the Boston Post Road to get from Mount Vernon to my hospital on Allerton Avenue in the Bronx. Though I took the same route twice a day for eight years, the road never became familiar to me, I never recognized the buildings on either side, and I would often turn the wrong way up the road, realizing it only when I came to one of two landmarks that were unmistakable, even for me: at one end, Allerton Avenue, which had a large sign, or, at the other, the Bronx River Parkway, which loomed over the Boston Post Road. Nonetheless it is possible to separate the act of reading from meaning, as, for example, I do when I read a religious text in Hebrew. I have learned how the words sound, but have little idea of their meaning. Something similar happens with hyperlexic preschool children, usually autistic, who may be able to read an article in theNew York Times fluently and correctly but without comprehension.

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