James, W. P., ed. 1977.Research on Obesity: A Report of the DHSS/MRC Group. London: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. ignore them. At the time I could find almost nothing in the medical literature about such hallucinations, although it was sometimes said that L-dopa might make patients “psychotic.” But Far worse than losing everything she owned, Landry told Green, was losing her job. Landry questioned whether they would ever be able to be nurses again. Despite this, Oscar C., an excellent singer, could still learn new music by ear, and he continued to practice music with his wife every afternoon. And he continued to enjoy and excel at playing cards:“He is a very good card player, calculates very well, prepares his blows well in advance and wins most of the time.” (D?jerine did not comment on how Monsieur C. was able to “read” the cards, but it seems likely that he recognized the iconic images of hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, jacks, queens, and kings—just as Howard Engel recognized the icon of an ambulance when he arrived at the emergency room. Number cards, of course, can also be recognized by their patterns.)

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