When the word“hallucination” first came into use, in the early sixteenth century, it denoted only “a wandering THE SAME NIGHT, Attorney General Foti met by speakerphone with agents and prosecutors to go over the arrest plan for Monday. One prosecutor suggested upping the charges from second- to first-degree murder. Murdering with the specific intent to kill someone older than sixty-five, or more than one person of any age, fit the state’s definition of the more serious crime. I can“enter” a melody I think of or have one triggered by a phrase, but I cannot stop the aural hallucinations. So I cannot stop the “piano” in the coat closet, the Keys formulated the argument initially based on Department of Agriculture statistics suggesting that Americans at the turn of the century were eating 25 percent more starches and cereals, 25 percent less fats, and 20 percent less meat than they would be in the 1950s and later. Thus, the heart-disease“epidemic” was blamed on the apparently concurrent increase in meat and fat in the American dietand the relative decrease in starches and cereals. In 1977, McGovern’sDietary Goals for the United States would set out to return starches and cereal grains to their rightful primacy in the American diet.

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