Im still suing that guy! Gurney, Edmund, F. W. H. Myers, and Frank Podmore. 1886.Phantasms of the Living. London: Trubner& Co. The background music swelled. I love Ryan Adams and tried to cheer but could only clap my hands weakly. Two five-foot-tall neon blue roses hung in the background behind the band, burning into my vision. I felt the pulse of the crowd. A man to my left lit up a joint, and the sweet smell of smoke made me gag. The breath of the man and woman behind me flared hotly on my neck. I couldnt focus on the music. The show was torture. Dont worry about it. No one is saying anything about it. Theyre all just concerned, Angela replied.

Expo Pricing


Admission prices are as follows:

  • Admission - $6
  • Children 4 and under - Free
  • Parking is Always Free!