Conway, Bevil, ref 1n Sometimes the imaginings are more elaborate. So, a young heterosexual man may have elaborate“harem-like” fantasies of having a bevy of beautiful young women as playthings at his sexual beck and call. If a heterosexual man ever had a chance to encounter and then enter this situation (i.e., to be a harem master), it would be, at least from an evolutionary perspective, a good idea for him to act out this script, as it would be a procreative gold mine: men’s genes would be replicated at a high frequency by mating with many young women. Men have a relatively low reproductive/parental investment (e.g., lots of sperm that are easily replaced), so, from the perspective of procreation,it is in a man’s interest to sow his seed among as many reproductively viable women as possible (Buss& Schmitt, 1993; Symons, 1979; Trivers, 1972). Conversely, women have a relatively high reproductive/parental investment (e.g., must gestate a fetus for nine months inside her own body), so it is usually in their best interest to be picky sexually, potentially securing a man’s resources to help with raising their offspring and only mating with men of high-quality genes. Thus, it would be in an average heterosexual woman’s advantage to form a sexual/romantic bond with, say, Brad Pitt if she had the opportunity in real life, given the high quality of his genes (My gosh, is he cute!) and his excellent resources (My gosh, is he rich!). So, a young woman’s fantasies about Brad Pitt or similar men, even if they might irk her husband (if he knew), would be adaptive, as they help in rehearsing reproductively beneficial actions/scenes in case she ever encountered them. Paul responded with,“Clears ups a lot of my own curiosity,” he said, adding, “And you do realize that your sense of humor and your writing skills have returned, right? I mean that. I can see the evolution in your e-mails and text messages from the time you were sick until now. It’s like night and day.” Witelson, S. F.,& Nowakowski, R. S. (1991). Left out axons make men right: A hypothesis for the origin of handedness and functional asymmetry.Neuropsychologia, 29, 327–333.

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