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Rider wondered why. Her boss directed her to get the warrant signed at six p.m. on Monday. She was to execute it the same day, after the ten o’clock news. She would have to cancel her trip. These would be surprise arrests. The director’s job was on the line if the “targets” were lost. S:“Scratch, stomach, shingle, shit, shunt, sex, sing, song, swim, summer, situation, shut” In the United States at the time of Katrina, at least nine well-recognized triage systems existed to prioritize patients in the case of mass casualties. Because of the difficulty of investigating outcomes, including deaths, in emergencies—and perhaps because of the potential for political embarrassment or due to a lack of financial incentives—almost no research had been done to see whether any of the commonly used triage systems achieved their intended goals or even that they didn’t paradoxically worsen overall survival. Mostsystems called for people with relatively minor injuries to wait while medical personnel attended to patients in the worst shape. This was Baron Larrey’s original concept of triage as described in his memoirs of an October 1806 battle in Jena, Prussia, between Napoleon’s forces and the Fourth Coalition. “They who are injured in a less degree may wait until their brethren in arms, who are badly mutilated, have been operated on and dressed,” he wrote. “Those who are dangerously wounded should receive the first attention, without regard to rank or distinction,” an idea in keeping with the French Revolutionary concept of?galit?. Stephanie W. had her first narcoleptic hallucination when she was five, walking home from kindergarten. She wrote to me that her hallucinations frequently occur during the daytime, and she

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  • Adults (11 years and older) $6
  • Children (3-10) $3
  • Children 2 and under Free
  • Parking is ALWAYS FREE!