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It became increasingly difficult to see things at a distance. Not only did my eye muscles fatigue more quickly, but the world appeared to shimmer when I looked in the distance. It was hard to focus on the letters on street signs or distinguish whether a person was walking toward or away from me. . . . At the same time, my glasses, used for distance vision, made me far-sighted. In the classroom, I could not read my lecture notes and see the students at the same time. . . . I decided it was time to get bifocals or progressive lenses. I was determined to find an eye doctor who would give me both progressive lenses to improve my visual acuity and eye exercises to strengthen my eye muscles. 10. Something about visual movement or“optic flow” seems to be especially provocative of visual hallucinations in people with CBS As John Garrow noted: Garrow 1978:48–49. “too little”: IOM 2002:884. Glueck, C. J. 1979.“Appraisal of Dietary Fat as a Causative Factor in Atherogenesis.”American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dec.; 32(12 suppl.):2637–43.

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