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Dehaenes studies (with Laurent Cohen and others) have shown how the visual word form area can be activated in a fraction of a second by a single written word, and how this initial, purely visual activation then spreads to other areas of the brainespecially the temporal lobes and the frontal lobes. DECEMBER 24, 2005 And yet (so I am told, in Frank Bradys bookA Singular View: The Art of Seeing with One Eye) almost everyone who loses an eye does accommodate to its loss, more easily if they are young or if the loss of vision is gradual; especially too if the affected eye is not the dominant one and vision in the other eye is good. (I, alas, rank rather low on all these criteria.) Most people, given time, are able to return to a full and free lifeso long, Brady emphasizes, as they retain a special mindfulness, a hyperconsciousness, of the missing side. Pats daughters were sometimes amazed at her resilience. Why isnt she depressed, Dana said, given her earlier history of depression? How could she live like this, I thought at first. . . . I thought she would take a knife to herself. Every so often, Dana related, her mother would makea gesture that seemed to say, My God, what happened? What is this? Why am I in this room? as if the raw horror of her stroke had hit her once again. But Pat was aware that she had, in a sense, been very lucky, even though half of her body remained paralyzed. She was lucky that her brain damage, though extensive, did not undermine her force of mind or personality; lucky that her daughters fought so hard from the beginning to keep her engaged and active and were able to afford extra aides and therapists; lucky, too, that she encountered a speech pathologist who observed her sensitively and minutely, one who was so personally inspiring and could provide her with a crucial tool, her bible, which worked so well.

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Expo Schedule

At every Expo we present seminars on the natural history and care and feeding of reptiles and amphibians. Every Expo features different animals. We also have special events like photo opportunities with huge snakes and Bearded Dragon Races!

Schedule of Events at the Stage (Right Rear Corner of the Expo)

11:00-11:15 Bearded Dragon Races

11:15-11:30 Best Beginner Reptiles

12:00-12:15 Crickets, Superworms, and Dubia Roaches

1:00-1:15 Bearded Dragon Races

1:15-1:30 How to Breed Ball Python Morphs