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A third problem was the observation that exercise accomplishes little in the way of tilting the caloric balance when compared with a very modest restriction of intakewalking a few miles as opposed to eating one less slice of breadand that increasing activity will increase appetite. Mayer ignored the comparison of intake and expenditure by focusing on expenditure alone. For a long period the role of exercise in weight control was disregarded, if not actually ridiculed, he wrote in a 1965New York Times Magazine article.One reason often advanced for this neglect is that exercise consumes very little energy.Somehow the impression was given that any such exercise had to be accomplished in a single uninterrupted session. Actually, exercise does correspond to a caloric expenditure that can be considerable,and this expenditure will take place in a day or a decade. And so the expenditure of calories by exercise, no matter how small, according to Mayer, would accumulate, leading to long-term weight reduction. This, of course, would be true only if the excess expenditure went unaccompanied by a compensatory increase in appetite and intake. Gendal asked me to stick out my tongue, which trembled from the effort. It had a reduced range of motion on both sides, which was contributing to my inability to articulate. The pilot kept the helicopter aloft, concerned the helipad might not hold his Jayhawks weight, as the swimmer lowered himself onto Memorials helipad, where he was swarmed by frantic hospital personnel. This time the LifeCare patients were ready to go. He saw they were so fragile and required so much medical equipment, it would be dangerous to package them in the litter used for rooftop rescues and hoist them. He radioed the pilot, orbiting overhead, who set up for an approach, his flight mechanic lying on the deck with his head to the ground to help them land light on the wheels, holding power to the rotors to maintain some lift. They landed safely. The staff rushed the two patients to the helicopter, and the swimmer put up troop seats to make room on deck. He unloaded bottled water and ready-to-eat meals for the hospital staff. You need to nourish yourselves, he, a seasoned emergency responder, advised, or youre not going to do anybody any good. He handed the doctor something perhaps even more neededa portable Coast Guard drop radio around the size of a cell phone that he could use to communicate on emergency channel sixteen. Olson, R. E., H. P. Broquist, C. O. Chichester, W. J. Darby, A. C. Kobye, Jr., and R. M. Stalvey, eds. 1984.Present Knowledge in Nutrition. 5th edition. Washington, D.C.: Nutrition Foundation.

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Expo Schedule

At every Expo we present seminars on the natural history and care and feeding of reptiles and amphibians. Every Expo features different animals. We also have special events like photo opportunities with huge snakes and Bearded Dragon Races! Please click below to see the schedule for the next Expo.

Schedule of Events at the Stage (Right Rear Corner of the Expo)

11:00-11:15 Bearded Dragon Races

11:15-11:30 Best Beginner Reptiles

12:00-12:15 Crickets, Superworms, and Dubia Roaches

1:00-1:15 Bearded Dragon Races

1:15-1:30 How to Breed Ball Python Morphs