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sensory (and thus cortical, being produced by the visual cortex, auditory cortex, etc.), he feels that the initiating processes may be in the more primitive, subcortical parts of the brain, and The hospital was weeks from its partial reopening and Baltz caught sight of its new CEO, Curtis Dosch, the tall, reedy former CFO who had reminded Dr. John Thiele of Jed Clampett when they had rested together in the cancer center during the disaster. Baltz thought Dosch looked ill at ease as he raced past their small congregation. [: i_007.jpg] 1Merle was, until recent months: The account of Merle Lagasse is based on her medical records (obtained with kind permission of her daughter, Karen), photographs, and the recollections of Karen and medical professionals involved in Merles care, mentioned in the text. I was admitted in midafternoon on March 23, ten days after that first blackout while watching the PBS show with Gwyneth Paltrow. The NYU Langone Medical Center has one of the largest epilepsy units in the world, but the only bed available on the eighteen-patient floor was in the advanced monitoring unit (AMU), a four-person room dedicated togrid patients, people with severe epilepsy who need electrodes implanted in their brains so that the center can record the electrical activity required before some types of epilepsy surgery. Occasionally other patients, like me, ended up here due to lack of space. The room has its own nurses station, where a staff member monitors the patients twenty-four hours a day. Two cameras hang above each bed, constantly surveying every patient on the floor so that the hospital can have physical as well as electrical evidence of seizures (when a patient is discharged, most of the footage is discarded; the hospital keeps only the seizure events and abnormal circumstances). All of this surveillance would prove essential to me later, when I began to try to reconstruct what happened to me during these lost weeks.

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Vendor List

The Following are Vendors who regularly participate at the Expo:

Alexa Malstrom

AZO Reptiles
Tom Barone

BFE Pets & Supply
Damon Baker

Brad McCravey

Carl Aiken Snakes
Carl Aiken

Clint Bougher

Dragon Fortress
Edwin Sanders

George the Fish Guy
George Diaz

Gilbert Boas
Christopher Gilbert

Herptopia Reptile Bedding
Joe Reyes 678-977-6778
Jennifer Reyes 724-841-9563

Iceman Reptiles
Scott Hollabaugh

Jessica Camus Reptile Jewelry
Jessica Camus

JH Reptiles
Joe Hadden

Kalistos Feeders & Exotics
Crystal Kourpas

LMF Herpes
Michelle and Lloyd Flenoury

Matt Mihalik

Midgard Serpents
Eric Koller

Mike Waddings Reptile Life

Misty Mountain Frogs
Heather Eckert and Kip Ambro

Mountaineer Exotics
Mark Thiele

Newville Dragons
Casey Hagmier

Reach Out Reptiles
Garrett Hartle

Reptile Addicts
Fred and John Kick

Reptile Tubs on Facebook

Rick Krumrine Reptiles
Rick Krumrine

Rodney Bolich Reptiles
Rodney Bolich

Special Care Pet Center
Del Weiss

Stand Steel Royal Reptiles
Joe and Jennifer Reyes
Joe 678-977-6778
Jen 724-841-9563

Steel City Scales
Maryanne DellaSalla

T-1 Geckos
Brad and Heather Carr

Tamdom Reptiles
Dominic Pisani

The Enclosure Exotic Birds and Reptiles
1820 Golden Mile Hwy Pgh PA 15239

Total E Chamz
Craig Long

Vince Clemens Enterprises
Vince Clemens

World Wide Reptilia
Brad McCarthy