darkened tank of warm water, which removed not only any sense of bodily contact with the environment but also the proprioceptive sense of the bodys position and even its existence. Such Persistence of Vision: A Journal I pace around and watch him from the kitchen window that looks out on the patio. He catches my eye and waves. Why does he want to be with a sick girl? What is he doing here with me? I look at him waving, certain that I have lost him forever. [: _4.jpg] Rosen, R., Brown, C., Heiman, J., Leiblum, S., Meston, C., Shabsigh, R., Ferguson, D.,& DAgostino, R. (2000). The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI): A multidimensional self-report instrument for the assessment of female sexual function.Journal of Sex& Marital Therapy, 26, 191208. doi:10.1080/009262300278597

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Tickets also available at the door.
Admission prices are as follows:

  • Admission - $6
  • Children 4 and under - Free
  • Parking is Always Free!

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