Wynn shined her flashlight, and the two nurses walked to a staircase near the elevator lobby on the eighth floor. They didn’t have to descend more than one story to find action. On the seventh floor, LifeCare staff members were carrying ventilator-dependent patients into the stairwell as nurses dispensed huffs of oxygen from football-shaped Ambu-bags compressed like bellows between their fingers. Word had come that the Coast Guard was on the pad again and could evacuate patients if they were brought there immediately. Much deeper trauma and consequent PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) may affect anyone who has lived through a violent crash, a natural cataclysm, war, rape, abuse, torture, or Rynearson, E. H., and C. F. Gastineau. 1949.Obesity… Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas. Brain on Fire comes from a place of intense pain and unthinkable isolation, but finds redemption in Cahalan’s unflagging, defiant toughness. It’s an unexpected gift of a book from one of America’s most courageous young journalists.NPR.org

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