There is another mode of hallucination, sometimes called pseudo-hallucination, in which hallucinations are not projected into external space but are seen, so to speak, on the inside of The proponents of Keys’s hypothesis agreed in principle, but felt they had an obligation to provide their patients with the latest medical wisdom. Though their patients might appear healthy at the moment, they could be inducing heart disease by the way they ate, which meant they should be treated as though they already had heart disease. So these doctors prescribed the diet that they believed was most likely to prevent it. They believed that withholding their medical wisdom from patients might be causing harm. Though Keys, Stamler, and like-minded physicians respected the philosophy of their skeptical peers, they considered it a luxury to wait for “final scientific proof.” Americans were dying from heart disease, so the physicians had to act, making leaps of faith in the process. AT 12:28 P.M., Memorial’s director of case management took matters into her own hands. She typed “HELP!!!!” in the subject line of an e-mail and sent it to colleagues at other Tenet hospitals outside New Orleans. She told them the hospital was expecting fifteen feet of water and it needed to find places for its current census of 187 patients. Hospitals that might accept them should contact Arvin at Tenet headquarters. The implication of this hypothesis is that both weight gain and hunger will be promoted by factors that work to deposit fatty acids in the fat tissue and inhibit their mobilization—i.e., anything that elevates insulin. Satiety and weight loss will be promoted by factors that increase the release of fatty acids from the fat tissue and direct them to the cells of the tissues and organs to be oxidized—anything that lowers insulin levels. Le Magnen himself demonstrated this in his animal experiments. When he infused insulin into rats, it lengthened the fat-storage phase of their day-night cycle, and it shortened the fat-mobilization-and-oxidation phase accordingly. Their diurnal cycle of energy balance was now out of balance: the rats accumulated more fat during their waking hours than they could mobilize and burn for fuel during their sleeping hours. They no longer balanced their overeating with an equivalent phase of undereating. Not only were their sleep-wake cycles disturbed, but the rats would be hungry during the daytime and continue to eat, when normally they would be living off the fat they had stored at night.*134 Indeed, when Le Magnen infused insulin into sleeping rats, they immediately woke and began eating, and they continued eating as long as the insulin infusion continued. When during their waking hours he infused adrenaline—a hormone that promotes the mobilization of fatty acids from the fat tissue—they stopped eating.

FAQs – Visitors




Q. Can I hold animals at the Expo?

A. Yes! We feature a FREE reptile petting zoo if you really want to get some hands on time with reptiles. Individual Vendors will allow you to handle animals on a case by case basis. Just ask! Always use hand sanitizer before and after handing animals.

Q. Are there venomous reptiles at the Expo?

A. No. The Steel City Reptile Expo is a Non Venomous Expo.

Q. Is handicapped access available?

A. Yes. Persons with disabilities may enter the Expo through a large door at the rear of the Printscape Arena (formerly IceoPlex). Please contact Tom through the contact us page to make arrangements.

Q. May I bring/sell my reptile to the Expo?

A. Yes. Guests are permitted to bring their personal pets. Just be sure to have an appropriate container to carry them in.

Q. Is group pricing available?

A. We are working on developing a Group Admission Program for larger groups or organizations. Please contact Tom though the contact us page for more information.

Q. Where do I park if the parking lot is full?

A. Additional Free parking is available at another lot near the Printscape Arena (formerly IceoPlex). Just follow the signs marked “Additional Parking”. A Free shuttle will be available to shuttle you between your car and the Expo.

Q. What are the Expo hours?

A. The Expo is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.