Glucose intolerance in Yanomamo: Spielman et al. 1982.“The high frequency…”: Neel 1999. It was around this time that Bill’s sister, Mary, saw me on theToday show (after a producer who saw thePost piece invited me on for a segment). She sent the video to Bill, who passed it and myPost article along to Emily’s psychiatrist. The helicopter lifted off with the two patients. The pilot headed directly for a hospital in Lafayette, more than an hour’s flight. To the rescue swimmer, every moment felt like forever. He kept bagging and monitoring the patients’ vital signs and praying. IN THE DAYS leading up to the anniversary, lawyers filed petitions in the names of the Memorial and LifeCare dead. Medical malpractice claims and personal-injury actions typically had to be made within a year of an incident. Just weeks after the disaster, eager attorneys had begun soliciting potential clients. Advertisements ran in newspapers, on television, and on billboards as far away as Houston and Atlanta. One lawyer had even ridden around New Orleans on her scooter planting campaign-style lawn signs on street medians and near hospitals.“I know black people—I was raised by black women,” the attorney, Tammie Holley, a white woman, wrote in an e-mail to colleagues. The families, she wrote, “would drive by the hospital to see ‘where mama died’ in search of answers.” She also obtained a mailing list of displaced voters from the NAACP. “The rest is history.” She wrote that a fellow attorney came into her office and said, “I can smell the money.”

FAQs – Visitors




Q. Can I hold animals at the Expo?

A. Yes! We feature a FREE reptile petting zoo if you really want to get some hands on time with reptiles. Individual Vendors will allow you to handle animals on a case by case basis. Just ask! Always use hand sanitizer before and after handing animals.

Q. Are there venomous reptiles at the Expo?

A. No. The Steel City Reptile Expo is a Non Venomous Expo.

Q. Is handicapped access available?

A. Yes. Persons with disabilities may enter the Expo through a large door at the rear of the Printscape Arena (formerly IceoPlex). Please contact Tom through the contact us page to make arrangements.

Q. May I bring/sell my reptile to the Expo?

A. Yes. Guests are permitted to bring their personal pets. Just be sure to have an appropriate container to carry them in.

Q. Is group pricing available?

A. We are working on developing a Group Admission Program for larger groups or organizations. Please contact Tom though the contact us page for more information.

Q. Where do I park if the parking lot is full?

A. Additional Free parking is available at another lot near the Printscape Arena (formerly IceoPlex). Just follow the signs marked “Additional Parking”. A Free shuttle will be available to shuttle you between your car and the Expo.

Q. What are the Expo hours?

A. The Expo is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.