neural correlates of, ref 1, ref 2n, ref 3n, ref 4n, ref 5n Daugherty laid out the options for the participants and turned the discussion over to them.“What are your values?” she asked. Unlike in New York, where the triage proposal was developed by experts, Maryland health professionals were seeking the input of a wide-ranging sample of the general population, in small group sessions held over a period of two years across the state. “Maryland is as far as we know the first state to tackle this problem this way,” Daugherty told the volunteers. “By that I mean having these kinds of conversations before we have developed a framework for making decisions.” “How has my information contributed?” King asked Rider. “Was it telling you things that you already knew, things you didn’t know? One direction or another?” “When she looks at her watch,” her husband interpolated, “at first she can’t process it.”


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